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3 Kinds of Floridian Wildlife and How to Experience Their Majesty

The Floridian wildlife is unique and has some animals that are unique subspecies limited to the region. Due to hunting and poaching, some of them have even started to go extinct. But measures are being taken to ensure these animals are a regular part of the Floridian ecosystem.

A wildlife reserve in Florida

If you’re in Florida, these are some interesting and unique animals of the region that you may not see anywhere else so often:


Florida Manatees are large, aquatic animals that are native to the region. They can range from 9 to 13 feet long from snout to tail. They typically weigh over a thousand pounds. They have wrinkled, leathery skin that flakes off, helping it to clear off the build-up of algae and barnacles on its skin as it travels around.

They’re herbivorous and hence often called “sea cows.” There’s a wide range of Manatee seeing tours in Florida that can take you relatively close to the animals to get a good look at them (or a picture).

A Florida Manatee


Floridian panthers are mostly tanned in color with yellow eyes, but they have spotted skins with blue eyes when they are younger, which change over time. These animals are fairly endangered, with around 230 existing in the region as of 2017. These are carnivorous animals, eat up small and large animals alike, and are frequently hunted down by alligators.

They can be found in White Oak in Nassau and Everglades National Park.


Alligators are large, scaly reptilians that have a large population in the state of Texas. They are carnivores and apex predators and hunt down anything from a panther to a human to satiate its hunger. Paired with a rapid speed, they’re quite deadly and dangerous when encountered, so precaution is necessary.

Most freshwaters and ponds in the region have them, and they can be found in Immokalee or the Everglades very easily during boat trips in those parts.

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