flyVENTURE provides professional aerial photography & sightseeing tour services, accessible to everyone by providing a crowdsourced aerial door-off experience. flyVENTURE is one of the largest helicopter tour companies in Florida, with three exclusive landings sites in selected cities, such as Sarasota, Naples and Tampa.

Behold the beauty of Sarasota from above in the most aerially intimate experience of your life! Explore the beauty of the Gulf Coast from a bird’s eye view! Trace the sparkling white sand beaches of Siesta Key, and wave below to the Florida famous manatees and aquatic wildlife. Fall in love with Sarasota’s sailboat sprinkled bay, as the John Ringling bridge lures you into beautiful Downtown Sarasota. Catch a quick kiss as you pass by the towering sailor-nurse statue (Unconditional Surrender), or join the circus while gliding over the John Ringling museum and Ca’ de zan! This elegant coastal city provides an aerial experience like none other!

The view during our sightseeing tours will provide for your comfort & more beauty than you ever imagined. And like many of our customers, you’ll want to tell your friends all about it! flyVENTUREs experienced pilots will provide a comfortable flight leaving you with a smile on your face.

LOCATION: flyVENTURE (Sarasota) | 8140 15th St E | Sarasota, FL 34243     (Available with online -or- phone reservation only)


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