Helicopter Skydiving

We are the only helicopter company in Florida able to offer the unique and exotic helicopter skydiving experience! Exclusive at selected locations to jump from a helicopter from 6,000′ AGL. This includes a 15-20 minute panoramic scenic ride!

Customers now have the rare opportunity to be part of the ELITE FEW who’ve experienced the THRILL and EXCITEMENT of jumping from a hovering helicopter at 6,000′ AGL. This is the most unique way to skydive, and an adrenaline rush like never before. Candidates have to hold at least a Skydive Class B (or greater) license, with at least 50 jumps during which you have landed within 33 feet of a target on ten jumps, as well as demonstrated the ability to perform controlled turning and backlooping maneuvers. If you hold a Class A license, you’re required to bring a certified tandem instructor with you that meets those requirements. We have to request a NOTAM prior to each jump, which requires at least a 36-hour notice. Weather conditions have to be VFR, and cloud ceilings more than 7,000′ AGL. Weight restrictions apply.


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