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3 Tips For First-Time Sky Divers

Skydiving can be a real thrill, but it can be a little challenging if you’re just getting started. It’s good that you’re doing your homework, though. Nobody wants to get injured or a fatal accident to occur while sky diving. Here are some pro tips that you’ll need if you’re sky diving for the very first time.

Prep Yourself

You really need to prepare yourself mentally for skydiving. Even if you’re super confident in your abilities, and you think it’ll be a breeze, we hate to break it to you—it’s not. Not all the time, at least. Sky diving can be more challenging than you’d think. So, it’s best to be prepared for emergencies.

If you’re afraid you might pass out, trust us, you probably won’t. In fact, we think you’d fall in love with sky diving so much that you’ll book another appointment! Trust us on this. You won’t experience a stomach drop, you won’t feel like you’re falling or out of control, and you’ll land more smoothly than you’d think. Talk yourself out of the anxiety before you give up.

A man skydiving with an instructor

Dress Properly

Make sure your shoes are closed, secure, and tight. Loose shoes will fly off in the wind, so make sure your shoes fit you well, or you’ll be landing barefoot. Wear yoga pants or sweatpants that you’d wear to the gym since they’re stretchable. Wear tight layers at the stop, ideally something full-sleeved. Don’t wear anything that has a string, is bedazzled with stones, pompoms, or anything else that flap uncomfortably.

Eat Well

Eat like you normally would. You don’t want to jump on an empty or too full stomach. Empty stomach will lead to lower blood sugar and lethargy, which will just make you feel sick. On the other hand, if you’ve eaten too much, you might get nauseous because your body will be trying to process all the food that you’ve eaten.

Eat a few high-calorie, nutritious snacks such as protein bars or a smoothie if you’re feeling too anxious to eat. Make a small sandwich, or bring some bananas to eat along the way so that your blood sugar stays at the correct level.

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