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3 Tips for the Best Photos During a Helicopter Ride

Taking photos from a helicopter as you fly through the sky can be a bit tricky, so here are some tips that will help you capture the best shots during your helicopter ride.

A woman taking a helicopter tour and wearing a headset

1.    Choose the Right Focal Length

If you want to take professional, high-quality photos, you’ll need a good camera with a zoom lens. For example, a telephoto lens with a focal length of 70 to 200 mm is perfect for snapping close-up shots of buildings like the downtown skyscrapers in Denver.

However, this focal length will not allow you to get panorama shots such as the Red Rocks or the Rocky Mountains during your helicopter tour in Denver.

Hence, a better camera would be one that comes equipped with a zoom lens with a focal length of 24 to 70 mm. This will allow you to take bigger shots of buildings and beaches from up above.

2.    Adjust the Settings on Your Camera

When taking photos during a helicopter tour, you need to consider whether you’re riding in a moving vehicle that travels fast and vibrates a lot. To make sure you don’t capture blurry pictures, put your shutter speed on its fastest setting so you can get clear shots.

For example, a camera with a shutter speed of 1/500 to 1/1000 seconds will allow you to get crisp, sharp photos quickly. You’ll need to adjust your aperture or ISO value depending on the natural light during your tour to ensure your images are not too dark.

Red Rocks in Denver

Putting your camera in S mode will allow you to change the shutter speed whenever you want, and your camera will automatically set the F-stop. If you’re an expert at using your camera and familiar with all its features, you can use the manual mode for better pictures.

Another option is to switch on continuous shooting and take many shots in a row by holding down the shutter button. Even though only a few milliseconds pass between each snapshot, you might be surprised by how good some shots are.

3.    Accessorize Your Camera Accordingly

If you equip your camera with a few accessories, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes for your photos. For example, use a polarizing filter, which will help you avoid reflections and reduce the haze that often hangs over metropolitan cities in the US. This will help you capture photos with better color saturation.

A helicopter has doors and windows made of glass, and you’ll likely be taking photos through the glass. The glass reflections can show in your photos, but a polarizing filter will help minimize the effect.

To take the best photos during your aerial tour, FlyVenture offers a doors-off experience, so you have no glass obstructing your lens. We offer helicopter tours in Denver, wildlife tours in Tampa, and Sarasota tours, which provide majestic views you can capture from thousands of feet in the air! Book your helicopter tour today and get some incredible shots for your gallery!