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4 Ways to Handle Air Sickness

Airsickness is a literal nightmare. Nothing’s worse than sitting in an airplane, all excited to fly, and then you get attacked with bouts of dizziness, nausea, headaches, the sweats, and more. The list is almost endless.

However, we come bearing good news. There are actually a few ways to conquer air and motion sickness that’s been making your life dreadful. Here are some useful tips for you to help overcome air sickness!

Get In The Middle

Where you’re sitting in a plane matters a lot, because some seats and areas are more prone to experiencing motion than others due to the way planes are built. The middle of an airplane over the wing is one of the most stable areas to sit. So, next time you’re booking a ticket, make sure you reserve a seat in the correct area to help you minimize your air sickness.

Eat Light

Contrary to popular belief, flying on an empty stomach doesn’t help you combat air sickness. In fact, an empty stomach actually exacerbates symptoms. Eat a light meal such as crackers, fruit, and other light snacks. Do, however, avoid excessive smoking and consumption of heavy foods, drinks, and alcohol before and during travel. Don’t eat anything too heavy, spicy, or fatty as it may worsen symptoms of nausea in some people.

A view of the clouds from an airplane window

Just Breathe

Okay, okay, hear us out on this one. Chewing on something like gum helps you regulate your breathing and stimulates relaxation. Chewing mint gum has a calming effect on your stomach, which helps get rid of the queasiness.

Try out different breathing techniques to help you calm down and reduce your anxiety. Also, try to isolate yourself from people who are experiencing or talking about air sickness, as it’ll just exacerbate your symptoms.

Get Drugged

There are some over-the-counter drugs available to help you curb air sickness. Sedative antihistamines must be consumed half an hour before takeoff, and hyoscine patches should be placed behind the ear. If you want to go down the natural route, ginger and lemon have anti-nausea properties that may help.

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