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5 Types of Helicopter Tours FlyVenture Offers

Helicopter rides are becoming more popular with time, and they’re not entirely as expensive as some people would imagine. Aerial tour companies provide flexible packages with respect to time; locations flew over for affordable and customized experiences.

The sun setting behind the horizon

FlyVenture provides a wide variety of options to choose from, and there’s something for everyone from first time flying to a veteran who wants a more extended experience:

The Quickie Tour

This kind of tour is suitable for two types of people, the ones that are a little strapped for cash and for those who are generally cautious but want to see if a helicopter ride is something that they might fancy. At only 45 dollars per person, it’s relatively reasonable for anyone to give it a shot. And it’s also just 10 minutes long, so for those having altophobia but wanting to get some thrill can have a trial of sorts without having to spend too much. A win-win for everyone.

Front dashboard of helicopter

The Downtown Tour

Ever looked up at a tall building in the city and thought about how the town looked like from the view up there? Get that experience but with a few notches kicked up. Get a bird’s eye view of downtown as fly around in the helicopter, about 15 to 20 minutes of flight time above the city for a great experience.

The Beach Tour

Going to the beach is actually good for your health. Maybe you’re like Anakin Skywalker, not fond of the sand, but you want that breeze of the air hitting at you as it does at the beach. The helicopter beach tour is just the right thing for you. Get a completely different view of the wildlife from up above. No one’s ‘gram is going to have the beach snaps you’ll get from this view.

The Sunset Tour

Haven’t we all gotten out one day to watch the sunset in all its glory? It’s something that happens every day, yet it seems to mesmerize us every single time. Now imagine witnessing this marvel from high up among the clouds. The experience is simply breathtaking, one that you’re going to have documented to look back and cherish.

The Deluxe Tour

This is for people who want the VIP treatment, the best of the best.  It includes an hour-long experience that guarantees the perfect sightseeing experience of the city along the entire coastline. You’ll see every landmark from up in the sky.

Looking for a helicopter ride across the skies of TampaSarasota, FL and Denver, CO? Get in touch with us today at FlyVenture for an experience you don’t want to miss out on.