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7 Questions to Ask Before Booking A Helicopter Tour

If you’re looking for a thrilling and adventurous ride, booking a helicopter tour is the way to go. A helicopter ride offers you gorgeous aerial views of your favorite landmarks from thousands of feet in the air.

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However, before you book a helicopter tour, here are some questions you should ask the company to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride.

1.    What Route Will the Helicopter Tour Take?

A helicopter tour can fly you over different areas of the city, so make sure you confirm the probable route the helicopter will take during your ride. Ask in detail about the landmarks you wish to see from the sky, such as buildings, mountain ranges, beaches, downtown areas, waterways, bridges, and more.

2.    What Is the Duration of The Tour?

Helicopter tours vary in duration and prices. Before booking a tour, ask the tour company about the ride’s duration and the sites included in the package.

3.    What Is the Company’s Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Check with the tour company about their cancellation policy in case of heavy rain, wind, snow, or thick clouds that might adversely affect the pilot’s ability to fly the helicopter.

Inquire about the weather conditions that could lead to the tour being canceled and the company’s policy on rescheduling the tour or obtaining a refund.

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4.    What Things Should You Bring on The Tour?

Communicate openly with the tour company and ask them which things you can bring along with you on the ride. Some tour companies offer free personalized photos during the tour, in which case you don’t have to carrying a camera.

It would be best to ask the helicopter tour service provider about specific restrictions that they may have, such as a weight limit for the flight, etc.

5.    How Experienced Is the Pilot and The Flight Crew?

To ensure your safety on the helicopter tour, ask about the experience and training of the pilot and the flight crew or service staff. Ideally, you should opt for a tour company with an experienced pilot who follows safety regulations and can ensure you have a safe and secure helicopter ride.

6.    What Helicopter Will Be Used for The Flight?

Enquire the helicopter tour company about the helicopter they’ll use for the tour and specific details such as the aircraft model, its safety record, the duration of its service, etc.

7.    What Should I Wear?

Ask the helicopter tour company how high you’ll be flying and the temperature at that height. This will help you determine whether you should dress in layers to keep warm at higher altitudes.

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