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Advice for Helicopter First-Timers

A helicopter adventure is a fantastic experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. Flying so high is magical, mainly because the scenic surroundings are likely to take your breath away.

However, many people don’t feel as comfortable with the idea of being in a loud helicopter at great heights looking down onto the city below. That’s completely natural; most people have some heights-related anxieties.

However, if you’re still interested in getting on a chopper, here’s our advice for your first helicopter tour.

Make Sure You Understand The Safety Instructions

Helicopter tour companies always provide safety instructions to their clients. These instructions are essential and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If the pilot or other team members ask you to be seated in a particular way, that’s what you should do; no questions are asked.

You may also be asked to deposit your loose items, such as scarves, into a locker at their location. This is to ensure that they don’t fall out or fly out into the rotors. The key is: always listen to the team in charge.

Ask the Pilot What The Route Will Be Like

One way to ensure you enjoy the ride is to ask the pilot what sights will be visible from your route. This will give you a clear idea of the tour and the areas you’ll be flying in. For example, if you feel that you don’t want to fly over water, as that will make you queasy, you can mention it to the ground team before your tour, and they can try to customize the trip for you.

Knowing what you’ll see in the helicopter is also a great way to be prepared to take amazing pictures along the way.

Pick The Right Outfit

No matter what season it is, being that high up in the air can get super cold. Dress appropriately by ensuring that you layer up enough to move and sit comfortably but also, so you keep warm. Dark solid colors are a good idea, as they absorb warmth.

Stay away from skirts, dresses, or flowy pants. A sturdy pair of jeans, a warm top, and a light jacket should be ideal for summer months.

Click A Stunning Picture

Don’t miss the opportunity to take some fantastic photographs. If you’re flying during the golden hour, the opportunities are likely to be endless. The most popular shot that our clients love to take is of Tampa Bay, and the glittering contrast the sea presents to the shore.

Just take good care of your phone, and in case you’re bringing a camera on board, let the staff know beforehand.

Are you feeling pumped for your aerial tour in a helicopter yet? Don’t waste another second and join us onboard for some grand helicopter beach tours you’ll remember forever.