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All Denver Has to Offer during Your Helicopter Ride

When you think of Denver, the first things that come to mind are the exotic tourist sites and historical buildings that attract vacationers all year long. But that’s a concern for the people exploring the city on land.

Magical sunset in Denver

The experience of enjoying an aerial tour of the city is vastly different from traveling on land. The hype isn’t just about seeing the Red Rocks or the Denver Art Museum from a height of 10,000 feet. Aviation allows you to experience the atmosphere of the city and admire the landscape from an aerial viewpoint.

The experience is transformative and very different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. Book our helicopter tours in Denver now if you want a taste of the wonders it has to offer.

Continental and Subtropical Climate

The Mile High City is located at the height of one mile above sea level. The open green fields and surrounding hills and rocks give the city a heavenly charm. But it’s the weather that adds the cherry on top! The city folks enjoy abundant sunshine on the best weather days, as it aggregates to about 3100 hours in a year. The land doesn’t get much precipitation, and the humidity levels stay well within 57% all year round.

In summers, the temperatures peak to about 37-38 degrees. The winters are snowy, and the chill gets freezing, as the highlands are blanketed in a soft cover of snow. However, the severest winter days are made pleasant by the chinook winds that run an air of warmth even on chilly days. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Denver—if you’re not up for adventures in extreme weather!

Green Landscape

The city is famous for its welcoming weather and the green stretches of land, speckled with dense cottonwood trees on riversides. While flying over Denver, you’ll also note pine and aspen trees at the foothills of the highlands. The lush green vegetation makes the landscape come to life with colors of nature that change every season.

While the city boasts of a fresh green charm in summers and spring, the trees acquire a rusty golden shade in contrasting hues of crimson during Fall. Looking at Denver from above feels like admiring a picturesque landscape masterpiece plastered on an artist’s canvas.

Lake in Denver

Lakes and Rivers

Flying above Denver feels like you slipped into heaven. The rivers meandering from hilltops to lowlands and lakes, forming a glass-like reflection of the sky are a real treat for the eyes. Staunton State Park is worth mentioning when we talk about the lakes. This park stretches over an area of 3800 acres and features the famous Staunton Lake. At a short drive from downtown Denver, this site is a concealed gem in the heart of Colorado.

The Chatfield Reservoir is another water body that has stolen the hearts of many aerial adventurists. Rich with wildlife and surrounded by rolling foothills, the reservoir is an expansive water body on the South Platte River. This artificial lake mimics the beauty of some gorgeous water bodies in all of Colorado, a resplendent site in all its glory!

Ready for aerial tours in Denver, Colorado?

Our helicopter rides in Denver are one of the major attractions for tourists. Being at 10,000 feet above the ground and 10,000 feet away from the world is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Try our helicopter tours if you want to experience something new, exciting, and rejuvenating! Call us when you’re ready to take off.