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How Do We Make Your Helicopter Tour Worthwhile?

We can list all the attractions our helicopter tours offer on our website, but unless our customers leave happy reviews, we can’t be sure we did our job right. Making their trip with flyVENTURE one of their best flight experiences ever is our only goal, and we settle for nothing less.

flying in a helicopter over Denver

It’s not about getting people to buy into our service; it’s about them wanting to come back with a large group of friends and family each time they want to fly high.

Why Choose Flight Tours

Experiencing urban cities from above is a rejuvenating experience—and much better than roaming the streets on foot or in a car. Whether it be Denver’s skyline or the mesmerizing Red Rocks, these sites are a vision from up in the sky.

Flying over these locations and enjoying the Mile High City landscape in a helicopter is a life-changing experience, and we pride ourselves on a family of happy customers that keeps growing.

Here are some reasons why people come back to us.

Our Fun Radar Is Foolproof

It’s our responsibility to make your tour entertaining from take-off to landing. That’s why we make sure that booking our helicopter tours is as seamless as possible. Experiencing technical glitches or unable to connect with a customer representative can be a bummer, especially for first-time customers. That’s why we’re always on top of site maintenance and bugs that could make the experience unpleasant.

As for our customer service team, they’re ready to take on any questions or queries, and can guide you as you plan your itinerary. During the flight, the pilot will follow your chosen itinerary to the tee and accommodate any special requests you may have. For as long as you’ve booked our ride, we’re all yours!

Denver skyline

Extra Favors, Just For You

Although we’re upfront about pricing, terms and conditions, and booking requirements, we do believe in granting a few extra favors when it’s your happiness at stake. We might not plan to get close to specific locations or hover over an area longer than usual, but we will, and we have when requested to.

Many professional photographers like to fly with us because we listen and comply. If you need us to fly over the swimming sharks so you can get the perfect shot, sure, no problem. If you want us to extend the flight to capture the golden hour, of course, we will. The particulars can be settled on later, but that moment won’t come back; that’s why we make sure it’s the most fulfilling adventure you’ve had.

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Our door-off helicopter rides in Denver are one of our most sought-after services. Flying 10,000 feet above the ground and experiencing the beautiful landscape from our door-off helicopter rides. Try our helicopter tours if you want to tour Mile High City with us. Call us when you’re ready to take off.