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How to Experience Sunset at the Beach in A New Way

The sunset you experience in our helicopter ride is one of the most instagrammable experiences you’ll ever have. With millions of86 posts of sunsets uploaded on IG in 2017, it’s clear that the ‘Gram has a weakness for these gorgeous golden sceneries.

Sunset at the beach

And flying with us over the stunning blue expanse of an ocean in our helicopters will give you the perfect opportunity to click some snaps for your IG feed.

Do you want to know how being at the beach near sundown will be different when you’re in a helicopter? Read on to find out.

Being in the Middle of a Vast Expanse of Water

When your helicopter is hovering above a beach, all you see is acres and acres of blue ripples on the ocean’s fabric. And that’s an entirely new way to enjoy a day at the beach!

Usually, you linger by the shore or go as deep as your knees. Regular beaching is more about laying out a picnic spread on the sand and letting your skin soak up as much Vitamin D as possible, while allowing the sound of the waves to be ASMR. But there’s nothing ordinary about our helicopter rides at the beach.

You get to go much further and see the highest tides from up close! You can go as far from the shore as you like when the people and places beyond the coast become tiny specks. You become one with the sea and enjoy this wonder of nature in the most spectacular ways.

A woman enjoying water sport during our helicopter ride.

Feel the Force of Water

How about we let you jump into the middle of the sea and let you glide on the surface of the water along with the helicopter? If reading about it feels rad, rest assured that experiencing it, in reality, is twice as exhilarating!

You haven’t truly experienced the sea if you don’t engage in extreme water sports. The thrill of slicing through the water while huge sprays shoot up on your sides like fireworks will make adrenaline charge through your veins. The challenge may seem daunting at first, but it’s only once you’re on your own two feet, skiing on the water, that you feel the force of nature!

Secluded Beach Party

Our helicopter will be your private camp and the beach, your home. Experience the beautiful beaches near Denver on the most serene evenings with our helicopter crew! We can personalize the route you take over the Mile High City and can include any beaches of your choice.

You can also choose when you want to land on the beach, and we’ll make it happen. The spots we pick to land the helicopter offer the most vivid sights of the immense blue vastness of the ocean, one that’ll surely visit you again in your dreams. So what are you waiting for?

Book our helicopter tours in Denver at the 10% off holiday rate and enjoy the beach to your fullest this Christmas. Call us at 844-359-8368 to book your helicopter ride.