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How to Get an Insta-Worthy Helicopter Shot

So, your helicopter tour in Florida is coming up, and you’re nervous about trying to get that perfect Instagram click? That’s completely natural — even pro photographers feel scared taking pictures from that height.

It’s also not very easy to take high-quality pictures in the light conditions from that high up, which is why a proper camera is your best shot for the ultimate photograph of the view. However, there are some safety and photography considerations you need to take to get a fantastic picture.

Let’s break it down.

Be Aware of The Light Conditions

First of all, light is crucial to the picture, so you need to be super careful about the conditions you’ll be shooting in. If you’re looking for golden hour perfection, talk to the helicopter ride company and discuss the timing and route they’re going to take and adjust it to your liking.

Once you’ve decided what time you’ll be up in the air, you should pack the lens and cameras accordingly.

Follow All Safety Instructions

Do not forego any safety instructions the helicopter company team gives you. They’re trained to ensure your safety and are also liable in case of any untoward incidents. Their instructions are gospel.

However, if you want some extra assistance with following the safety protocol because you’re looking to shoot some pictures, you should discuss it with them beforehand. They can probably make special arrangements.

Plan Your Shots in Advance

The best way you can save time up there is to think about what kind of pictures you want to take. If you’re an influencer or public figure, you might want to think about all the different parts of the tour you want to cover.

From pictures of the skyline to a glamorous shot of the sun setting on the horizon, the possibilities are endless.  By outlining the kind of pictures you’ll be taking, you can also manage your time there better.

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Have Multiple Cameras Ready To Go

The draft in the helicopter is going to be pretty intense. This means that you can’t fiddle around with multiple lens or batteries during the ride. To get the desired effect from multiple lenses, you’ll need to have multiple cameras with you.

You’ll also have to remove the lens hood because it can get sucked up out of the helicopter due to the strong suctions from the rotors.

Raise The Shutter Speed and ISO

You may be assuming that the amount of natural light you’ll have will mean you can keep the ISO and shutter speeds low. This is not true!

The helicopter’s speed, turbulence, and the lack of a lens hood mean you need to keep the aperture wide open, the shutter speed and the ISO high so that the shot becomes clear and focused.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a series of gorgeous pictures that will commemorate your helicopter adventures. So, what are you waiting for? Book an aerial tour of Tampa, Sarasota or Naples, FL today and get to clicking!