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How to Manage Panic Before Take-Off

A lot of people experience paranoia just before taking off for a flight. People who panic before take-off start sweating hours before their flight is due. This fear of flying can translate into feelings of discomfort and distress during your trip.

Helicopter pilot looking over Denver

Here are some tips that can make your trip more pleasant.

Think Well to Feel Well

One of the worst triggers for anxiety is visualizing horrific scenarios that end up worsening your mental state. If you imagine the plane crashing in the middle of nowhere, or the aircraft catching fire upon landing, it’s natural that you’ll panic.

If you want to feel better, start by thinking better. Make a conscious effort to avoid thinking about catastrophic scenarios or dangerous circumstances. Your mind can have a transformative impact on your mental well-being if you push yourself to quit negative thinking.

Visualize how beautiful the sunset will seem from up there. Imagine how exciting it’ll be to kick-start your Christmas season with a helicopter ride over Denver. There, you’ll get through just fine!

Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exha…

Say this over and over in your head until it becomes second nature. You’re allowed to forget your sunglasses, binoculars, mints, phone, or camera, but you’re not allowed to forget conscious breathing! This is the key to having a safe and happy flight experience if you’re prone to becoming anxious.

Friends in a helicopter ride

Whenever you feel your heart racing, pull all the oxygen to the pit of your stomach and keep it there. Then release. You’ll feel a tangible difference, because doing so regulates blood flow and helps you relax.

Find People to Make You Laugh

Having cheerful company onboard helps a lot. You want someone cackling at the silliest of things and making you laugh when humor is the last thing on your mind.

It’ll be hard at first to focus on anything but your thundering heartbeat. But you have to keep trying to tune back into reality and out of your mind. Having a distraction helps, and that’s what friends are for.

You can even use your phone to listen to ASMR to keep your mind off the flight paranoia! Everything will be just fine.

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