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How to Overcome the Fear of Flying?

It’s normal to feel jittery just before taking off. Humans aren’t meant to fly in the air or swim in the ocean, which is why it’s a daunting experience to let go and dive from an aircraft. Our bodies haven’t adapted to aviation, and we don’t have wings to help us fly. But the advent of science has enabled man to experience what flying feels like through skydiving.

A skydiver taking off from a helicopter

When you’re standing on the ledge, tightening your buckles, and preparing to jump off, your heart feels like it’ll break through the ribcage. You hear nothing but the sound of your heart thudding inside and the air rushing in to take you. The trick is to subdue that feeling and let your adrenaline high take over.

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Latch on to Triggers

Anxiety and phobias are triggered in situations where you experience or face stimuli that set off the alarm. It’s essential to identify those triggers before you can work on them. Once you know what frightens you the most about flying—it could be the fear of dying or being far from the ground—you can manage your reactions to it, and tone it down, bit by bit.

Learn and Educate Yourself

The biggest and most common reason people freak out before flying is that they don’t know what the aerial tour will be like. For instance, they don’t know the entire area they’ll be covering, the maximum height they’ll fly to, the time it’ll take, the qualifications and experience of the flight crew, and safety protocols in case of emergencies. Learning about all this beforehand saves you the anxiety of not knowing what’s to come.

The cockpit in a helicopter

Acknowledge Your Anxiety

The worst thing you can do if you have a condition is to repress and forget it. Not acknowledging your fears will not automatically erase them. You need to prepare yourself and anticipate your anxiety before boarding an aircraft. This saves you from the shock of feeling your heart race or your pulse getting out of control. When you know, you can work your way through it better.

Practice Muscle-Mind Relaxation

Plug in some soothing music and perform muscle relaxation exercises. Clench your eyes, teeth, wrists, and every other muscle that you can feel. Stay in that position for a while and slowly start unclenching. Release slightly and breathe deeply. Practice this a few times. You’ll feel better.

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