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How to Shoot a Travel Vlog on a Helicopter

As influencers, aspiring filmmakers, or vloggers, it can be a challenge to take things to the next level with video content. An out-of-the-box vlog filmed from a helicopter during a tour of a scenic city or its beaches is a great way to make your content go viral.

The perspective from the passenger seat during an aerial helicopter tour in Florida.

Not only does this concept bring with it a lot of fun possibilities for footage, but if you’re taking a sightseeing helicopter ride, your videos can also have incredible commercial use. By partnering with services like us, influencers can start building networks with small businesses that need support and are willing to support them back.

Filming from a chopper isn’t the easiest task, though, due to the constant movement and limited space. Here are some ways that you can get pro footage every time.

Discuss Your Needs With The Team

The most important step to filming anything is to talk with the helicopter tour team first. You may need sit down with the pilot and/or manager to discuss what routes will be best, what time you’ll be leaving and landing, and so on.

You should also talk to them about having the doors off and getting harnesses to facilitate free movement and ensure safety. An experienced pilot would be best, since they won’t be as nervous about the shooting process.

Stabilizers Are Essential

Whenever you’re filming from a vehicle, stabilizers are always a good idea. In a helicopter, there’s a lot of movement, because the rotors are constantly whirring, and the aircraft is considerably small. This means that the vehicle is more unstable than a train or a car.

The Ronin stabilizer has plenty of good reviews. Its lightweight structure is perfect for a small space like a helicopter.

Make Sure The Conditions Are Ideal

There are always measures you can take to ensure that the conditions are close to perfect. For example, if you’re trying to shoot a vlog that focuses more on the sightseeing aspect, you may want to shoot in daylight rather than during the evening.

A couple taking a selfie during an aerial tour in Florida.

However, if you’re trying to capture the perfect golden hour aesthetic, book a sunset aerial tour. You can also time your tour based on the season. In Florida, the weather is almost always perfect, though, so that shouldn’t be a problem!

Have Fun!

A travel vlog isn’t just about getting picture perfect footage, it’s also about having a great time and capturing the moment. So, keep the filming focused on your experience more than the sights around you.

At FlyVenture, we welcome all influencers aboard our helicopter rides in Naples, Tampa and Sarasota, including our custom beach and wildlife helicopter tours!