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How Weather Affects Helicopter Rides

We all love helicopter rides! But if you’ve booked one for yourself, or are thinking of booking one, one of the things you really need to factor in is the weather. Just like planes, helicopter flights and rides are largely dependent on the weather.

There are many cases where helicopter tours are canceled or postponed because of a storm prediction. Naturally, this is done as a security measure to ensure maximum safety for the tour company’s pilots and clients.

In case you’ve booked a helicopter tour in Tampa, Naples, or Sarasota, here are all the ways the weather can affect your ride.

The Types Of Weather Issues That Can Cause Problems For A Tour

At flyVENTURE, all our helicopters are designed to withstand small disturbances like sudden rains or light snow. Very heavy rains or storms, however, hamper the pilot’s visibility, making it difficult to fly safely, which can end up in your tour being canceled.

Another weather-related issue that can make it dangerous to fly is dense fog. Much like the heavy rain and snow problem, dense fog makes it hard to see clearly, therefore, making the pilot unable to maintain a safe flight.

Other conditions that can delay or cancel your tours could include low clouds, high winds, and even lightning.

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Can Pilots Still Fly Passengers Even When The Weather Is Bad?

At flyVENTURE, our pilots are instructed to constantly monitor the weather conditions to ensure safe flying. We also make sure to acquire a NOTAM before every flight, which has a 36-hour notice period to make sure that the skies are clear and that there are next to zero chances of unforeseen weather issues.

With these precautions, it is very rare to be met with a bad weather situation at our company, but even if any of our flights do meet with lightning or heavy winds, our pilots are trained to make safe landings.

What Happens If A Tour Gets Delayed Due To Weather?

We make sure to give all our guests the opportunity to see the city from high up in the sky. This is why we take as many precautions as possible prior to the flight to make sure everything goes according to plan. However, in case of an unforeseen circumstance, we will make sure to get back on schedule as soon as possible.


Brave enough to be unbothered by these limitations? Book a helicopter tour today and soar across the sky, taking in a glorious sunset with your favorite people aboard. Make your time in Tampa, Naples, or Sarasota special by making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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