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Landmarks You’ll See While Flying Over Tampa

Tampa is a gem of a city in Florida known for the beautiful beaches, wildlife attractions, and historical traditions. No amount of time is enough to explore every inch of this heavenly place! But you can get a crash course of a city tour on our aerial trips.

Tampa skyline

Our helicopters fly over the entire city with door-off adventures to let you absorb how glorious this city is! The beaches, greens, architecture, and the overall landscape is as picturesque as your imaginations.

We offer affordable deals to tourists who wish to avail our helicopter service and customize their flights. The widest smiles shouldn’t come with a price tag, and we’re here to give you those and more on a manageable budget.

Here are some landmarks you’ll see.

Busch Gardens

This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Tampa. The Busch Gardens are situated in a prime location, offering proximity to other city tourist destinations. The two amusement parks have a variety of fun options for people who like to go on roller coasters or take a tour of the zoo that houses over 200 species.

But when you fly over this place, you see a beautiful maze of green lands speckles with colorful rides. The view you enjoy from a helicopter is breathtaking! Time your trip around sunset, and you’ll get to experience the Busch Gardens bathed in the golden light of the setting sun.

St. Pete Times Forum

If you’re a hockey fan or a basketball player, you will give anything to see the gorgeous St. Pete Times Forum from your helicopter. The arena is used for basketball, football, or hockey games, and even concerts.

Situated at the bay, the building was initially called the Ice Palace. The beautiful architecture stands erect in contrast to the deep blue water that creates a million-dollar scene when you view it from above! While roaming over the building in a helicopter, you’ll get the chance to see just how massive the site is. And it’s the perfect spot to see the Tampa skyline from.

Sunset at a beach

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is a strip of heaven on earth. The white sand beaches aren’t just a delight to lounge at and soak the sun; they’re equally (if not more beautiful) when viewed from above. The clear blue waters gleaming like a sea of crystals in the summer sun contrast beautifully against the sandy beaches’ pale pearly white.

When you look down from a helicopter, you see the fine details of the waves running like a silver thread on the blue surface and the white sand glowing luminously in the sun. The sight is what dreams are made of, and we’ll let you dwell in the beauty of the moment!

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