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The Most Mesmerizing Views From Up Above

If there’s one state in the country that’s replete with tourist attractions, an entertaining city life, cultural and traditional charms, and beautiful scenery, it’s Colorado.

The State Capitol Denver CO

Denver offers a gateway into the nearby Rocky Mountains. The landscape exudes a raw, untouched beauty that’ll put you in awe and terror of the sheer force of nature. But that’s not all that the city has to offer. There’s a series of mesmerizing attractions that you’ll enjoy while flying above the Mile High City on a route of your choice. Keep your specs on because you don’t want to miss these sights.

Let’s make a list so that you don’t forget.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

The rugged texture and the massive rocks with sharp edges will be a sight to behold during an aerial tour. The ridges formed into the rocks over time give the landmark a beautiful texture that’ll be as vivid from 10,000 feet above the ground. The sandy crimson tones of the Red Rocks contrasting against the deep blue sky is an ethereal vision that’ll leave you speechless!

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Denver

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an open-air amphitheater that’s one of the most popular tourist sites ten miles west of Denver, in Colorado. The amphitheater has now been developed to host concerts and other events. The lighting and seating are designed to complement the landscape’s natural beauty, something you can enjoy with or without a show ticket from our helicopter ride.

Colorado State Capitol

Studded into the middle of Colorado’s aerial map, the golden dome of the Colorado State Capitol is an eye-catcher. Imagine flying over this beautiful historical architecture that seizes your attention in the foreground like an exalted stage because the building is one mile above sea level. It leaves everything in the background because the expanse of this architectural landmark and its neoclassical, renaissance revivalist design is a stunner.

But amid everything else, the golden dome stands out like a pearl of gold. You see the golden dome from a helicopter, sitting atop an enormous brick structure, like royalty. The vast green gardens surrounding the building to give it a beautiful frame when you admire the picture from a height.

Denver Art Museum

The architecture of the Denver Art Museum is a piece of art itself. One of the largest museums between Chicago and the West Coast, the Denver Art Museum is situated in the Civic Center, Denver.

An enormous broom and dustpan at the Denver Art Museum

The building’s intriguing design leaves even the most prolific writers at a loss of words to describe it. The ambiguity of the thematic design is what preserves the charm! Admiring that structure from a height will leave you with an ineffable feeling of awe and admiration.

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