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Tips for Dealing with Your Kids on A Helicopter Tour

It’s natural for children to feel nervous or overexcited during their first helicopter ride. Here are some tips to help you deal with kids while you’re flying through the sky.

A blue helicopter in the sky

Tip #1: Speak with Your Kids Before the Helicopter Tour

Explain to your kids the details of the helicopter ride, such as where you’ll be going, the things you’ll see, how long it will take, when the tour is scheduled, etc.

This will help them mentally prepare for the helicopter tour and get them excited about this adventure. Make sure to have an engaging tone and describe the experience as a fun and exciting thing to look forward to, rather than something to be scared about.

Tip #2:Instruct Your Children About Safety Beforehand

Helicopter tours are generally safe and piloted by experienced professionals along with a trained flight crew that ensures you have a relaxing experience during the ride. It’s crucial to follow the pilot’s safety instructions to ensure your family’s safety.

A helicopter tour

If your kids are nervous or too eager during the helicopter ride, they might ignore the safety regulations. Hence, it’s a better idea to talk with your kids about safety beforehand.

Go over the safety guidelines before boarding the helicopter and explain the rules they’ll have to follow to ensure their safety.

To better help prepare your kids, you can also watch movies with them about helicopter tours or read books that explain how to have a safe experience on-board a helicopter.

Tip #3: Distract Your Kids During the Ride If They’re Scared

If your kids display nervousness or fear when the helicopter first takes off, speak to them in a calm and reassuring manner and try to distract them from looking out the window by giving them toys to play with.

To further soothe kids, bring along some of their favorite treats or foods so they can have an enjoyable experience during the ride.

Children might get scared if they look out the window at the changing landscape. To relieve their concerns, discuss the reason behind the noises and explain that they’re perfectly normal and not something to be afraid of.

You can also distract your children by pointing out different things to look at out of the windows so that their attention is focused and they don’t get agitated or startled.

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