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What Skydiving Training Involves

If you’re looking for the perfect adventure in Florida to get a much-needed adrenaline rush, you may want to consider a skydiving helicopter tour in Naples, Sarasota or Tampa. This thrilling activity offers you the sightseeing experience of a helicopter ride with an additional adventurous ending.

A skydiving instructor in freefall with a trainee.

However, before you sign up for your skydiving adventure, you have to complete a certain level of training. At FlyVenture, we require our solo jumpers to complete the Class B training. For class A jumpers, we require that our clients arrange their own tandem jumper for safety.

But what does skydiving training really involve? Let’s break the process down.

Class A Training

This is the first level of skydiving training. During this training, you’ll learn about the equipment, the right way to exit the aircraft, the correct posture during the freefall, parachute opening techniques, and landing strategies. An additional lesson is taught on what to do if something goes wrong during any of these stages of skydiving.

To get their Class A license, a person has to complete 25 jumps with other people and the instructor, pass the written and oral exams, and get their license stamped by the United States Parachute Association.

At this stage, you will generally not be allowed to jump on your own by most skydiving service providers. A license holders can practice solo jumping at skydiving training institutes. To jump alone anywhere, you’ll need a Class B license.

Class B Training

Class B training is for people who have shown proficiency with their Class A license. B license holders usually have a fair amount of experience. This stage of training is about perfecting skydiving methods and diversifying the types of jumps one can make.

To get a B license, you have to make 50 skydives after getting the A license, with a freefall of 30 minutes minimum and a landing accuracy of 33 feet for ten jumps. Trainees also have to exhibit the ability to perform turning, flipping or looping moves during freefall, as well as provide documented evidence of water landing.

They also have to fulfil the requirements of the USPA canopy piloting proficiency card and pass an additional written exam.

A skydiving instructor teaches trainee to release parachute in mid-air.

Why Skydiving Training Is Essential

All of this training may seem excessive, but safety is the priority here, which is why we can’t allow people to engage in skydiving if they lack adequate experience. These licenses and training requirements equip you for all kinds of skydiving situations, which is crucial.

Now that you’re all set to skydive off our trusty helicopters, book a helicopter ride through Naples, Tampa or Sarasota with a skydiving addition on our website! Feel free to check out our wildlife tours, beach tours, romantic tours and more as well.