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What You’ll See on Your Helicopter Tour of Tampa

Tampa’s definitely the place you want to go if you’re young at heart, because the city embodies youth like no other place! As the fourth largest metropolitan area, the city offers the perfect blend of traditional architecture and modern attractions.

An aerial view of Tampa bay from a helicopter.

The unique perspective you’ll get during an aerial tour of Tampa is unlike any other, especially when you get to see classic sights such as St. Petersburg Time Forum and Busch Gardens!

Busch Gardens

Even though it sounds like a botanical reserve, Busch Gardens is actually an amusement park owned by SeaWorld. Originally called “The Dark Continent,” Busch Gardens also features a massive zoo along with the exhilarating rides it’s known for.

The slopes are tall enough for you to spot easily from your seat in the chopper! Since Busch Gardens also contains a zoological complex, it covers an expansive area.

St. Pete Times Forum

Although this building was formally known as Amalie Arena, it was originally named by the St. Petersburg Times, which is where its name comes from. The arena has been hosting ice hockey, basketball, football, concerts and other events since it opened in 2002.

Over time, the building has become an iconic symbol for Tampa residents. To locate it during an aerial tour, look for its curved front, flat roof and giant red logo.

Florida Aquarium

A state with so much variety in terms of sea life has to have an out-of-the-world aquarium! Sure enough, the Florida Aquarium is up to the task. The aquarium hosts about 9000 animals, which is why the building is so huge!

The aquarium is iconic especially for the architecture. With giant layered arches in a distinctive blue shade, you’ll be able to locate this Tampa attraction easily!

Tampa Bay and bridge from a helicopter at sunset.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is definitely one part of the city that’s hard to miss! Tampa was actually settled in because of its proximity to the ocean via the shallow waters of Old Tampa Bay. Over time, the city developed and took over all the nearby land, thus expanding the original Bay area.

Now, the Bay is divided into different parts: the Lower Bay, Hillsborough Bay, McKay Bay and Middle Tampa Bay. What you should definitely look out for during your helicopter ride is the ecological preserves on the west end of the middle and lower Tampa Bay.

So, book yourself a helicopter ride in Tampa and start crossing off all these iconic sights from your bucket list! We offer themed helicopter wildlife and beach tours in Tampa, Naples and Sarasota as well.