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What’s the Appeal of Flying for Fun?

Whenever we watch viral videos of people performing daring acts, we think to ourselves, “Why?” Where does this desire to act out of the ordinary come from? It is often a form of self-representation, or a deep desire or fascination that one sets out to satiate by doing whatever they can.

Superman toy in flight

Flight is a phenomenon humans have thoroughly expressed their desire in, with several forms such as skydiving being popular, despite falling being a common phobia. This might explain this desire to take off for the skies:

The Psychology Behind the Desire of Flight

A human being is physically incapable of flying. The average human is too heavy for its body to support its weight in flight, as our bones are not hollow like a bird’s bones are. We struggle to breathe at high altitudes where the level of oxygen goes down the atmosphere.

The wing of a plane


A physical inability, as well as an intrigue to overcome it, pushes humans to break this barrier. Whatever man has been unable to do, he strives to make the impossible possible, and with several breakthroughs, he has been successful. The invention of planes, rockets, and underwater technology such as submarines and scuba has made out of reach places of the universe accessible.

The Fun of It All

The experience of flight is breathtaking. Coming down to the Earth at high speeds, moving around, and feeling this surge of emotions as you maneuver in the sky. The view is just as magnificent as the ordeal of jumping out of a plane. You look at the world from a bird’s eye view, an intrigue we’ve all had as to how the ground looks from up above. And when you see it, it’s better than you ever hoped for. It’s easy to get lost in the moment. Words can hardly do justice to the euphoria that comes out of it all.

Presence in Culture

When you think about flight, the first thing that comes to mind is the sci-fi genre. Superman is the poster child for flight, being able to fly on his own. Other characters such as Iron Man and Star Lord depend on rocket thrust and propulsion to get around from one place to another. These are all manifestations of the desire of the general public to experience flight being painted in the image of a character.

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