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Wonders of the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains have attracted tourists from far and wide over the years. Established on 26th January 1915, the Rocky Mountain National Park covers 415 square miles and offers everything from mountains to lakes and even forests. It’s replete with exotic hiking trails and roads for exciting biking adventures and offers a peaceful respite to fishers who are seeking comfort, away from the busy city life.

the alpine forests against the rocky mountains in the background

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There’s More Than Just Rocky Mountains

The Sprague Lake in this national park is a testament to the variety of natural wonders hiding between the Rocky Mountains. There’s more than just rugged peaks here. Some mountainsides are layered with lush green subalpine trees, creating an alpine tundra ecosystem.

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The Wonderful Trail Ridge Road

The Trail Ridge Road was labeled the “scenic wonder road of the world” after it was completed in 1932. Situated at approximately 12,000 feet, this road is the highest highway in the country, offering an unparalleled view of the breathtaking landscape all around.

The trail ridge road in the Rocky Mountains National Park, Denver

The road magically takes you to a height of 4,000 feet in minutes, and you won’t realize how high you’ve come! It stretches over 48 miles between the east end of the Estes Park and the Grand Lake on the west.

The Mystery of the Wilderness

The Congress classified nearly 250,000 acres of the area in the Rocky Mountain National Park as wilderness. This act protected the natural beauty of the forests, tundra, alpine peaks, and the Rocky Mountains in the region. Had the Congress not ruled in favor of this natural resort, the meadows and forests’ wild beauty would have long been razed to the ground or populated with commercial billboards and buildings.

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